14 Showcase Of Creative Packaging Design Inspiration For Developers

September 30, 2014
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Packaging needs to be smarter and more creative in the future for various reasons. Till now, when once in a while a creative package design was created it made a real buzz in the market. 

Naked Beer


There are many beer cans with different design. And there is only one that shows what really is inside. Why hide what good beer looks like?

HP cardboard briefcase transforming into a cardboard workspace


Adobe Creative Suite 6


John Walker Diamond Jubilee


La Distributrice


The Distributrice reinvents the takeout coffee service by taking over the smallest commercial space in Montréal. Next to one of the most popular subway station, a barista serves you espresso, americano and latté directly on the street

Solitaire.exe Playing Cards


Ikea’s Food Packaging




A bit showy, a bit shy like the peacock that adorns its bottle. Fine muscat grapes and orange blossoms compose the heart of this delicate and complex liqueur. Refreshing with sparkling water or alone on ice, Pavan is also perfect with vodka, gin, tequila and champagne. So don’t be shy, raise your cocktail



IKEA Cardboard Digital Camera


Chocolates With Attitude


The personality is expressed through a unique quote, a unique design and a unique type of chocolate. The design differentiate the 12 personalities with a diverse and colorful use of typography and the small boxes are round like tiny hat boxes. The chocolate is created by Coca Luxery Chocolates from unique recipes. Everything was developed from the ground.

The big brand theory


Creating a series of experimental packaging design based on the principle of BIG BRAND THEORY. The main focus is to have each brand’s identity meticulously and uniquely cropped out of the packaging as much as possible yet maintaining it’s integrity and comprehension at the same time enhancing the aesthetic value



The cork is a sign of humility, an object of little value, often used as art supplies, as a simple and easily manipulated element with which to play and create. The use of cork gives it the air of something simple, characteristic of an everyday product. The cap is the element that unifies and personalizes the entire line. The reason designed for each label refers to the country of origin

The Real Cookbook


The first and only Cookbook you can actually read, cook and eat. Made out of 100% fresh pasta it can be opened, filled with ingredients and finally be cooked. Packaged as classic lasagna. The Cookbook was designed as a special project for a large publishing house



Mr. Chocolate


Scrabble Typography Limited Edition


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