About TemplatesPerfect.com

Founded in 2008, TemplatesPerfect.com aims to provide and share free web templates to non profit organizations, corporate sector, students/learners, free lancers, and for the people who want to launch his/her own personal hobby and/or business website. Guys who can not afford paid web designing. This site also aims to promote web-standards and various parts of web designing.

About The Author
Hi! my name is Paarth – I am the owner of TemplatesPerfect.com from Chandigarh, India. I am providing my free designed stuff from the very beginning of my web design career but as now I am not getting much time for this so this sites is open for other authors to share their stuff, I myself feature great stuff from other designers as well. I’m a big fan of CSS, XHTML and open source web design. I also like 3d designing and video composing and SEO/SEM as well.