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Top Reasons To Transfer Your Web Hosting to a Green Web Hosting Company

June 2, 2018
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Many website owners are switching to green web hosting to save money and help the environment. There are several benefits of making the switch to green hosting, such as branding and company reputation, technological and energy efficiency, and reduction of the world’s e-waste. Read on to find out why green hosting may be the best option for your business or personal website.

Cost Savings
 Green Web Hosting
In many areas of business the phrase ‘green’ tends to conjure up thoughts of added costs and extra effort on behalf of the participants. This dated perspective does not hold true for web hosting. Green web hosts are just as simple to purchase from and setup than any traditional host. Perhaps more surprising to business owners, green web hosts often cost significantly less than traditional hosting plans. Green web hosting companies reduce their own overhead by saving money on energy bills and hardware. These savings are passed on to the customers for a lower pricing point than most traditional hosting options. The cost savings alone is an excellent reason to transfer a website to a green hosting company, even if you’re not particularly concerned about the global environment.

Energy Efficiency

Green web hosts use certified energy-efficient hardware in virtually every area of their infrastructure. They also regularly inspect hardware and equipment to make sure it’s running at maximum efficiency. They also tend sometimes to recycle and refurbish hardware where it won’t affect service. Green hosting is a very logical and rational choice for those who don’t like to see unnecessary energy waste. Certified green and energy-friendly devices use less energy to operate and cool than most other devices. Some green hosting companies even use alternative forms of energy to power their systems.

This includes the use of solar, wind, and other renewable-resource energy sources. It’s often less expensive to generate energy from solar and other green methods, which again enables the host to charge you less for the same quality of hosting services that you’d find elsewhere. The energy cost savings and reduced harm to the environment found in green hosting options are compelling reasons to transfer a website to a provider with green hosting. Since green hosts don’t pay as much for energy and focus on device efficiency, they don’t face the same overhead or utility expenses as a traditional host.

Reducing E-Waste

Green hosts often go a step further and attempt to reduce the massive amount of e-waste in the world. Green hosts setup policies and protocols that allow them to make good use of refurbished equipment, and recycle their defunct machines without just throwing them in a landfill. Green hosts take the time to securely wipe the data from their machines and resell them or donate them to other businesses, unlike many traditional hosts who order hardware to be physically destroyed. e-waste is a growing concern for the world, as computer components often contain lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic chemicals.

Branding and Company Cultures

Another great reason to switch to green hosting is to strengthen your brand and company culture. Once you make the switch you will be able to advertise that you’re a green-friendly service provider or business and an active participant in energy conservation efforts. This can help inspire your customers and employees alike, and embolden your brand and reputation. Using green web hosting is one of the easiest and least expensive things you can do to get in on the green trend in business. Many companies, especially start-ups, struggle to find charitable and eco-friendly ways to contribute to the world but with green hosting there is no extra effort or cost required. This makes green hosting the perfect option for those looking to invest in the environment and make a difference while actually saving money.

Do Good in the World

Aside from savings money on your hosting and strengthening your brand, green hosts allow you to do good in the world by reducing waste and energy misuse. They also allow you to offset the global carbon emissions, since many green hosts buy carbon credits and plant trees to make up for the comparatively small amount of energy they do use. Carbon credits help prevent the worsening of global warming and provide cleaner air for the world’s population.

Green hosting is a win-win for your business and the environment. You can help your brand’s reputation while saving money and reducing e-waste in the world all by switching to a green web host. Many traditional hosting companies are starting to offer green web hosting packages now as well, often allowing you to keep with a familiar hosting company. With the energy savings from using energy-friendly appliances, hardware, and protocols green web hosts are able to offer plans that compare nicely in pricing with regular hosting plans. You will get the same quality of service, speed of hosting and other benefits you’d find in a traditional host when you transfer your website to a green host.

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