Best 12 Best Javascript Frameworks for Web Developers

June 24, 2014
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Best javascript Framework –  Backbonejs

This tool provides a lots of facility like models with key-value binding and custom events,  API of enumerable functions, views nad other lot of useful rich APIs that helps to create a modern application.


Best Javascript Framework –  Spinejs

Spine is simple and lightweight framework, Using this tools developers can build amazing javascript MVC applications. Click on the download link and make awesome applications.



 Best javascript Framework – angularjs

Angularjs is one of the most popular javascript framework that extend HTML vocabulary for your application. This is a toolset for building the framework most suited to your application development. This presents a very familiar behave to others libraries.




Best javascript Framework – Agility.js

Agility.js is MVC library for javascript. Compare to other MVC libraries, this provides a maintainable and reusable browser code and developers to write web apps with jquery.



Best javascript Framework – Can.js

Use this framework for developing applications in simple and fast way. Canjs is a javascript library, its is very small and easy to learn of its modern features.


Best javascript Framework – Sammy.js

This is very simple and small web javascript framework. This library presents the API for easy to understand and read.



Best javascript Framework – Snack.js

This library in very good for developing complex and cross browser web pages in just simple way.


 Best javascript Framework – Ember.js

Emberjs is another most popular javascript framework for developing amazing web applications. Its API helps to get your project done fast.


 Best javascript Framework – Stapes

stapes is well designed javascript framework that gives style of coding with class creating, custom events and data method.


 Best javascript Framework – Mochikit



Best javascript Framework – Feathers.js

Feathers is one of the most popular light weight web application framework for nodejs. Also create RESTful web services and real-time applications.


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