Ten Design Tips For Mobile Devices

January 15, 2014
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If you apply Weibull Distribution techniques to determine the time duration a visitor lingers on a webpage, it is not more than 10 or 15 seconds. In the case of a mobile device, the attention-span plunges to 3 to 5 seconds. If you do not design something as attractive as the next Miss World, you may as well say good-bye to the visitor before he even comes your way. With numerous sites making their foray into mobile space each passing day, remember you are one among millions.

Justification for the Site

Justify your mobile site first. Why do you want it? More importantly, why would someone other than you would want it? In other words, what effect you want your site have on someone who wants to gather a particular set of information is what you want to dwell upon.

Web Designs That Invite Response
Design Tips For Mobile Devices
Make sure your design looks pleasing in all mobile devices but also on desktop displays. Whether the viewer is using a vertical display or the horizontal one, the design should be able to adapt to all the screens. Same goes for screen sizes too.

No Elaborate Designs

Remember that you have a limited space of only a few square inches to show your expertise at designing. There is no point in cramming the screen with complicated designs. Keep it simple and straight. A visitor should be able to instantly recognize what it is all about. Or, you may bet your last dollar that he is going to move away faster than a bat out of hell.

Novel Typography

Select a typography that has not been done to death. However, do not overdo it with something that will prove to be rather an obstacle to easy reading.

Color Scheme

Though color combinations can be as numerous as there are people, stick to time-tested colors. It is safe to have flatter colors. You may keep to a single tone rather than have several and make the page look cluttered.

Photos are Important

Eye-catching imageries that illustrate what you are about to offer should be the first to come into view. User Experience (UX) designs can be extensively consulted before zeroing in on the one you want.

Vertical Scrolling

Vertical Scrolling is becoming more and more dominant and many users feel it is less cumbersome. Navigating through the product details on a single page layout is preferred by many who visit mobile landing pages.

Social Media in Your Page

Viewers, in keeping with the trend, always look for social media badges in the pages they visit. They immediately identify with the badges and an affinity is created with them which can only be beneficial to you.

Bigger buttons

Do not embed miniscule buttons. Prominent looking buttons tempt people press them. And, that is what you want them to do, don’t you?

Content is King

Yes, it still is. The trick lies in saying as much as you want in as few words as possible without being too brief to make an impact. If you find you are no Shakespeare, find one who resembles the bard in the marketplace to write your content.

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