Online Marketing Tips That Will Help Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd

August 12, 2017
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Marketing is important to your business. There’s no doubt about it. The trouble is, marketing isn’t just marketing.

There are so many different ways to market your business. From radio to television to newspapers, the options are endless. But, if you want to success in today’s world, you have to market online.

Here are a few ways you can market your business online that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Build a Custom App

One marketing technique that is often overlooked is the custom app. Businesses spend so much time worrying about their website that an app gets forgotten. That’s not good for business.

A custom app can:

  1. Provide more value to your customers by providing them with coupons, discounts, and loyalty program benefits
  2. Build your brand by building trust with your audience
  3. Enable you to connect with your customers on a daily basis
  4. Increase profits by increasing exposure and interest in your products or services

Use Social Media

Did you know social media produces more marketing leads that trade shows, telemarketing, and direct mail? That’s power you definitely want to leverage for your business, but are you doing it the right way?
Business Stand Out From the Crowd
Just having a Facebook page isn’t enough. You need to update your social media regularly with articles, pictures, and statuses. If someone comments on your page, you should respond. But, don’t think that you have to have a social media page on every platform. Stick to just one or two and make sure you’re actively posting to get the most out of your online marketing strategy.

Create a Blog

Blogs aren’t that big of a deal, are they? They are.

They are important because a well-written blog article can draw attention from potential and current customers. The trick is to do blogging right.

Quality blogs include:

  1. SEO so people searching on the internet can find your website through your blog
  2. Topics that position you as an expert in your industry
  3. A social aspect that allows readers and employees to leave and respond to comments

Connect Through Email

If you want people to know you exist, you have to remind them of your business over and over again. Traditionally, that meant radio commercials and billboard ads. Today, that means creating an app, which we talked about above, and creating an email marketing campaign.

Email marketing can be a real drag for your customers, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep things fresh and be remembered for the right reasons by creating slightly shocking, humorous, or surprising content. Get a reaction and you can bet that everyone on your list will open your next email to see what you have to say.

Don’t let the idea of online marketing overwhelm you. Take things one step at a time by starting with one strategy, then slowly adding strategies when you feel comfortable. Before you know it, you’ll be an online marketing master, and your business’s profits will prove it.

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