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15 Material Design Inspiration – Android Apps

January 21, 2015
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Since November when Android Lollipop was released, Google’s Material Design has created waves among the members of our design community. Many have created app designs since then and a lot of them have made really good ones. Not that it would be a surprise.

Material Design Playground


This playground is a git repo by Eric Bidelman. It has so many of material design elements and is one of the more extensive code gardens. Use it to your advantage, by learning the basics of material design.

Material Design Buttons

Material Design Buttons

This is a collection of material design buttons features square, round and outlined buttons. What makes it interesting is the added click event that changes the background color.

Google Material Design Hierarchical Timing


Material design is filled with animations, specifically when you load a new element. This is an animation simulation for anyone interested in using this animation within any project – doesn’t have to be Google related.

Google Design Icon Template


On the other hand, if you are looking to create material design icons this is the perfect Dribbble shot for you. Grahm Macphee created an icon template that you are free to download and use for your icon needs.

Android L – Icon Grid System


For a more extensive icon template, this is the one for you. It includes two rectangular, one circular and one square template. This template is geared specifically toward Android L icons.

New Android L Interface


If you are looking for an Android L PSD, this is it. It is a free UI kit, which you can use to mock up apps or interfaces for Android L. I can’t get over how awesome these color pairings look!

Material Design Checkboxes


This is a code snippet for checkboxes. It’s a pretty neat looking item. I only wish this snippet also included code for other input types like a drop down.

Material Design Slideshow


For those interested in more formal documentation, Harrison Weber – news editor at VentureBeat – shared a great Slideshare. It’ explains the basics of material design in a short sequence. You can download and pass it around.

Material Design Icon Templates


This Dribbble shot embraces the UI style of material design by embracing its fonts, colors and line style.

Google’s Material Design Dashboard


Here is a shot from Sam Mearns demonstrating ways to play around with Google’s material design concept. It’s his attempt at showing off his internal project.

WhatsApp – Material Design


WhatsApp is notorious for being constantly redesigned. Amruth Pillai took one of the first shots at redesigning it to appear in the material design style. This looks really good. (And the copy is quirky, too.)

System Icons – Material Design


Here is a set of Android L icons made by Google. Notice that they are not hollow, outline icons. It’s an interesting stand by Google, actually. Here is a clean icon set in both vector and sketch formats.

Android L PSD Kit


Rasmus Nielsen made this awesome Android L kit. The design details on this are great. The design is clean, the colors are lovely and it has overall amazing quality.

Prayers Times App


Vincent Tantardini created this concept remainder app for people participating in Ramadan. Once again, the colors are so brilliant; so are the tiny UI details like the divider lines. material design is really well put together.

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