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Hybrid Cloud: Future of Cloud Computing

April 12, 2019
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Cloud computing solutions have become the need of the hour. With increasing volumes of business data to be stored and managed, enterprises are seeking more efficient and smart technologies for efficient operations. And that is where Hybrid Cloud comes to rescue. It is basically a combination of the best features of both the public and private cloud. Not to be confused with ‘multi-cloud’, Hybrid is the optimum mix of the two and makes computing more efficient.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud provides a computing environment where public and private cloud platforms allow the exchange of resources between them through an encrypted mechanism. Depending on the increased or reduced computing and processing needs of the business, a hybrid cloud can scale-up or down the resources by shifting across the two cloud platforms. This flexible and effective computing technology is further supported by a relevant, reliable, and appropriate Cloud Hosting solution. By extracting the key elements of private and public hosting solutions, it takes your hybrid cloud environment to the next level of tech operations.

Here a few key features of Hybrid Cloud-

  1. It is cost-efficient

Cost is a major driving factor while deciding on which cloud platform to choose for your site. In this context, it is important to note that the Hybrid Cloud is not an economical service. But it is definitely cost-efficient when compared to operating on a private cloud platform with dedicated resources and support. Similarly, when you have high volumes of data to be stored and managed, a public cloud platform might not suffice. In such situations, your cloud provider can set up a private cloud environment for you and lets you manage the data load, storage, and security, while the public platform channels the traffic and keeps reliability quotient in place.

  1. It ensures data security

Like we mentioned before, with hybrid cloud you can use a private server for the storage of all sensitive data and information, and keep operations running on the public server. This is best for information-intensive businesses like legal, political, or social media, where security is a primary concern.

  1. It offers extreme flexibility

When you are on a public or private cloud platform, you usually have to avail of whatever the platform offers. If at all an issue arises with respect to cost (private) or security (public) all you can do is to migrate. But then that is also a heavy investment. With a hybrid cloud, you face no such situation. With both private and public platforms running parallel, you get the flexibility and harness the computing power of the public cloud for regular and basic tasks and manage non-sensitive data. On the other hand, the private cloud lets you manage and store critical business information and other applications in a safe environment by using a secure firewall.

To sum up

Hybrid cloud solution makes for the perfect work environment for enterprises of the future. But before you do, run thorough research on probable service providers and find the best suitable plan for your business so you can make the most of this breakthrough solution.

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