Banner Advertising Tips for 2017

April 5, 2017
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If you’re a marketer you probably already have a pretty good idea of the concept of banner ads. They’re certainly not a new concept, having been launched in 1994. The term banner advertising pretty accurately describes what is, and as with other advertisements, it’s all about promoting a brand or a product.

If you’re a digital marketer you’ve probably been using banner ads for a while, and maybe even looking into advanced ways to purchase advertising space, such as programmatic buying and selling, but are you using the current best practices in the actual design and implementation of your ads?
banner advertising
The following are some of the tips you can keep in mind this year with your banner ads.

Look at the Bigger Picture

Before you create a banner ad, you need to make sure the design and concept are part of a larger strategy and plan. What’s not just your advertising plan, but your general digital marketing objective? Are you hoping to drive leads or simply build awareness for example?

Do you want to integrate your digital advertising with offline strategies?

Some of the possible goals you might have for your banner ads in addition to an increase in traffic include a general brand boost, as well as the delivery of qualified leads.

Your objectives should drive your banner ad design. If you want a brand lift, you’ll need to make sure you remain consistent across platforms, while when it comes to generating leads, you want to ensure you have a very clear, concise CTA.

Responsive Banner Ads

Responsive design is a pivotal component of any and all successful digital marketing in today’s mobile-driven world. This shouldn’t be forgotten with your banner ads. If you have a banner ad on a site that’s huge and has a tiny “X” the user has to search high and low for, it’s a problem, particularly if they’re on a mobile device.

On the other hand, if you have a responsive banner ad personalized for any device, you’re doing it right in 2017.

Simple Animations

A good way to draw attention to your banner ad is to use animation, but it needs to be incredibly simple. Just the slightest movement is the perfect way to make sure people see the ad, and it gets their attention, without being overwhelming or annoying. A good rule of thumb is to use animations no longer than 15 seconds long, with no more than three loops.

Be Direct

Your banner ads aren’t the time to start experimenting with very artsy or abstract images, wording or concepts. You might use that in other areas, but not for these ads. They need to be simple and straight to the point. If people have to guess what you’re referring to, who you are, or the point you’re trying to get across, it’s basically useless.

In 2017, digital marketers should put their banner ad focus on integrating them with the rest of their marketing, honing in on their specific objectives, responsive design, simple animations and direct messaging.

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