14 Free Coming Soon Themes & Plugins for WordPress useful for Developers

February 4, 2015
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When you aren’t quite ready roll out with your site, but you want to get something up anyway, then the best option is usually an attractive coming soon page.

There are two basic ways of getting a coming soon page. You can either go with a theme or a plugin.

  • 1. Launcher Theme


    This theme actually as a small, subtle bit of animation to it. The rocket on the right shakes a little on mouse-over.

    This clean and colorful theme lets the user subscribe by email to be notified of your launch. It also has a countdown clock and social media buttons.

  • 2. My Blue Construction


    If you like blue, well, then here you go. Although officially an “under construction” theme, this could be used for launches too. It has buttons for social media and an email capture box. It also allows for links to other pages as well, so that may be something that some require.

  • 3. WPLauncher


    This simple but attractive theme offers a countdown clock, an email sign-up form, and a Twitter link. It also lets you show a progress report (20%, 30%, etc.).

  • 4. Coming Soon


    The Coming Soon theme gives you a space for a featured image and a detailed description area off to the right. You can customize the background as you like.

    It also comes with an email sign-up option through Feedburner.

  • 5. Landis Theme


    The Landis theme comes with a counter and a clean look that can be customized in the backend by changing the color and/or using shortcodes. In addition, it comes with the ability to capture email addresses.

  • 6. LaunchTime


    This two-tone theme comes with a number of preset themes, and you can also do some customizing via the normal WordPress customizer. In addition, you can change the font and font colors, including details such as link colors and link hover colors.

    It comes with a countdown clock and social media buttons. It also has spaces for header and footer codes. It also comes with a convenient CSS area for custom code.

  • 7. Felice


    The Felice theme has an attractive, light feel to it. It allows you to show images and text, along with a progress bar (which you can switch to any color), an email sign up form, and social media buttons.

    It offers a visual editor (as you get with regular posts). In addition, it has areas for header scripts, footer scripts, and custom CSS.

    One other thing it offers that many coming soon themes don’t is the ability to input content into a 404 page.

  • 8. Lexiity


    Lexiity is a clean-looking coming soon theme that comes with a countdown timer, social media buttons, and an email capture form (MailChimp integration).

    It comes with a choice of different skins and a shortcode generator for things such as columns, buttons, quotes, etc.

  • 9. Placeholder


    The Placeholder theme gives you an attractive, ordered look with the ability to place intro text, social media buttons, a countdown clock, and an email signup form all into a tight space. Originally from WooThemes, it also comes with a tracking code area and footer customization.

  • 10. WPChimp Countdown


    The WPChimp Countdown theme works by setting up a page on your site and then applying the template to that page.


  • 11. Launchpad by Obox


    Launchpad by Obox comes with settings that let you set the date for the launch of your site. You can also set the plugin to deactivate at that time as well.

    It comes with three themes and also lets you include a logo, a background image, and social media buttons. It lets you easily change the order of the elements and it offers a convenient box for custom CSS.

  • 12. Coming Soon


    First of all, this plugin gives you a visual editor to work with that is just like the visual editor for a normal post or page. And so that gives you a lot of flexibility to create the type of page you want.

    In addition to that, you can upload a logo, use a background image, change the color of the background and text, and also use custom CSS.

    There are also spots for header and footer scripts.

  • 13. Easy Coming Soon


    This plugin lets you control the background (color or image) and the font styles. It has spots for social media, Google Analytics Code, and email form submissions. It comes with one template in the free version and then other templates in a pro version that show a countdown clock.

  • 14. Ultimate Coming Soon Page


    This plugin gives you a visual editor to work with (just as in a post), and it lets you insert a background image or control the background color.

    It lets you choose between a number of different fonts; however, you only have three choices for font color – black, gray, or white.

    You can also display an email sign-up form with this plugin.

  • 15. Themefuse Maintenance Mode


    This plugin lets you upload a logo and background image. It comes with a countdown clock and a progress bar that lets you show how close you are to being ready – 30% complete, 50% complete, etc.

    While there is a visual editor that lets you enter whatever you like, the space that content goes into is somewhat restricted, and so you’ll need to watch for that.

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